It all started when…

... I was aked to shoot a single cover for the relatively new East London rapper Lemzi.
I said why don't I shoot the video too.

So here it is, my directorial debut into the world of music videos.

The video was shot partly on location at woolwich ferry tunnel and partly in a studio, the idea of the transitions from tunnel to studio was to give a subtle sense of fantasy versus reality.

The journey of "one side to the other" through the tunnel is a metaphor for the transition of lemzi's thought to creation of his music career.

I wanted to reference the lyrics "if you don't like me now don't try and love me later" by giving the viewer a sense of opportunity to join Lemzi at the start of his journey rather that jump on the bandwagon later.

I did this by shooting panning shots at all angles through the tunnel so you feel you are with lemzi all the way...right up to the light at the end of the tunnel!