Video Portrait of Lee, part of a new project called PORTRAIT LONDON, a collection of images, video and interviews with the aim of connecting with people in London.



Music Video, Artwork and Campaign - Ålesund debut single Shift and Flux is a beautifully haunting song about changes. In this music video I wanted to explore the thought process of daydreaming, be it life changes or just simply longing to be somewhere nice. We do this all the time without consciously thinking about it and I wanted to convey this in the video, scenes constantly shift and flux from ordinary home life to sun drenched fields, like a conversation between fantasy and reality.



Music Video and Single Artwork - The video was shot partly on location at woolwich ferry tunnel and partly in a studio, the idea of the transitions from tunnel to studio was to give a subtle sense of a journey. The journey of "one side to the other" through the tunnel is a metaphor for the transition of lemzi's thought to creation of his music career. I wanted to reference the lyrics "if you don't like me now don't try and love me later" by giving the viewer a sense of opportunity to join Lemzi at the start of his journey rather that jump on the bandwagon later. I did this by shooting panning shots at all angles through the tunnel so you feel you are with lemzi all the way...right up to the light at the end of the tunnel!